Masterson and Cooper were both in the 2008 film “Yes

Men like Bradley Cooper and Rami Malek rule the red carpet

Sometimes, when Ilaria Urbinati gets stuck in Los Angeles traffic, she’ll look out of her car window at some anonymous Designer Louis Vuitton Replica Handbags guy on the street dressed in a baggy suit; and she will despair. She will say to herself, “You have no idea how much better I could make you look.”Urbinati is Hollywood’s premier men’s stylist, with a client list that includes best actor nominees Bradley Cooper and Rami Malek. John Krasinski, Armie Hammer, Donald Glover, Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson and Milo Ventimiglia are also in her care.

When it comes to red carpet fashion, men have moved beyond the classic black tuxedo. They are wearing brown velvet, ruby red velvet, orange silk, embroidered capes and bedazzled holsters. Some are heat seeking missiles aiming for the flashing cameras and the center of the spotlight. Others are using fashion to deftly define or redefine their public persona. Either way, women no longer own the red carpet.

Urbinati has led the way by helping each of her clients express something personal and distinctive through his clothes. And other men beyond the realm of Hollywood have taken heed.

“It all changed in the last two years. There are parts that I don’t like, where it’s gotten a little silly and guys are peacocking and it’s ‘Look at me!’ I don’t love that,” Urbinati says. “I’m not trying to make them look interesting; I want them to be unexpected.”

Men have “upped their game 400 percent,” says New York based stylist Brian Coats, who knows Urbinati’s work well. “It’s almost switched in a way, with a lot of actresses getting criticized for being too safe.”

Urbinati doesn’t have a signature look. Her clients wear Gucci, Armani, Louis Vuitton, Celine, Tom Ford, Dior. They also wear Strong Suit, the modestly priced brand with whom replica designer handbags Urbinati collaborated. With an assist from Malek and Hammer, she put Strong Suit on the fashion map. “It doesn’t impact sales, but it impacts the credibility of the brand,” says Jamie Davidson, its founder.

Glover exudes creativity and adventurousness, with a brown velvet Gucci suit at the Golden Globes, an orange Dolce Gabbana one at the “Black Panther” premiere. For Urbinati, working with Glover is akin to two replica louis vuitton musicians riffing off the same melody and riding the resulting energy. “He has such a natural sense of swagger and cool,” Urbinati says. “I think we grew up with the same references in fashion and we get each other. His fittings are probably the most effortless. It flows, and we’re having fun.”

Malek is flashier, with more fashion edge. “Rami gets very meticulous,” Urbinati says. “He has such an appreciation for each brand and who the creative directors are. He Perfect Quality Louis Vuitton Replica has relationships with these people. He goes to [fashion] shows. He has a real appreciation for the artistry.”

Cooper was one of Urbinati’s first clients. She was opening a clothing store with actor Danny Masterson. Masterson and Cooper were both in the 2008 film “Yes Man.” Cooper came to the opening of the shop. “‘The Hangover’ hadn’t come out yet; it was about to. He was literally about to burst into being Bradley Cooper,” Urbinati recalls. One conversation led to another in that Hollywood way, and then Cooper said: “I have my press tour in two days. Can you come over tomorrow and help me out?”

Urbinati, not quite sure what she was signing on to do , called in favors from designers she knew from her work in retail. Simon Spurr was reviving the once popular three piece suit. Urbinati borrowed a few and brought them for Cooper to try. He was high quality replica handbags china skeptical: “A three piece suit, really?” But he liked the look of it.

“Now, he has a very strong sense of what he wants to look like,” Urbinati says. “I think he was still working it out back then.”

Urbinati spent a good portion of 2018 working with Krasinski, one of her newest clients, as he promoted his film “A Quiet Place” and the Amazon Prime series “Jack Ryan.”

“I always imagined myself to be scientifically proven as one of the least fashionable people on the planet. I wore uniforms of jeans and T shirts,” Krasinski says in an email. “She has taken a world that I believed I was very much on the outside of and dropped me in with both feet. And fake designer bags somehow made it so damn fun along the way.”

When award season kicked in, Cooper and Malek were each nominated for, well, seemingly everything. There were the SAG Awards, BAFTAs Fake Louis Vuitton Replica Bags , the Golden Globes and countless other events that involved hungry eyed photographers. Always photographers. Urbinati has been working at a breakneck pace.

For the Oscars, her clients wear custom ensembles. For each one, she works with a design house to conceive a look that reflects the brand’s identity, the actor’s high quality designer replica handbags wholesale personality and, perhaps most important, Urbinati’s current obsessions.

And when Urbinati gets obsessed, red carpet aaa replica designer handbags magic happens.

Lately, Urbinati has been engrossed by the 1970s. That has manifested in Johnson accessorized with pinkie rings and gold chains. Glover got brightly colored silk shirts worn mostly unbuttoned, and trousers with a bit of a boot cut.

He also cheap replica handbags ended up at Cannes in a powder blue Gucci tuxedo with a daisy boutonniere.

“I had been thinking about doing a ’70s prom tux like a powder blue tux for a long time,” Urbinati says. And the vintage photograph she had stored in her mind included a daisy pinned to the lapel. Daisies were out of season in Cannes, so an assistant was dispatched to call florist after florist. After florist.

A carnation would have been too earnestly authentic, a rose too groomsman. Nothing at all and he’s a reject from Motown.

She once saw a photograph of the rock band Kiss dressed in outlandish three piece striped suits. Malek ended up in a striped suit; so did Glover.

That’s how fashion inspiration works. A picture 1:1 replica handbags , a scent, a movie. The mind keeps going back to it. It becomes an itch needing to be scratched. She thinks about styling as building a narrative about an actor. Take the Rock. Before he came to her, he was the big guy in oversized clothes. But that made him look sloppy, disheveled. “What’s the best way to dress a guy with arms the size of a building?” she asked herself. 1:1 replica handbags “We do all his suits custom. I approached a bunch of different brands, and I said we want to change his fashion image. Trust me. You’ll be glad you came on board.”

Johnson’s suits now are more body conscious. His trousers are more tapered. The story that Urbinati is telling is one of transition from the Rock to Dwayne Johnson. “It makes you take him a little more seriously. It makes him look more like a movie star,” Urbinati says. “Something about a guy who’s better dressed he looks smart,” which is to say he looks both stylish and savvy.

She helped Krasinski turn the page from boyish comedic actor to acclaimed filmmaker and action star, from wearing a blazer thrown over a shirt to suits that are more considered and polished.

“I think putting your best foot forward is important in any situation. So when it comes to style, I’m grateful to Ilaria fake designer bags for showing me what the hell foot that is. She’s very aware of how style changes the way people can see you and so is always pushing me to take chances but never at the risk of feeling uncomfortable,” Krasinski says.

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